Frequently-asked questions

Do I need a translator or an interpreter?

Translators deal with the written word. Interpreters deal with the spoken word. We are translators but we can refer you to a good interpreter.

How are translation jobs priced?

By pounds (or US dollars) per thousand characters. Japanese texts are counted in characters. If it helps to get an idea of what this means, a Japanese text usually produces an English translation of roughly half the number of words. So a patent of 20,000 characters results in an English translation of 10,000 words or so, but the charge is calculated on the basis of 20,000 characters.

Are there any extra charges?

There is an urgency charge for work outside business hours (weekends and evenings).

On the other hand, if the text is in the form of an editable MS Word file or similar, we may be able to save some time and reduce the charge accordingly.

In what format will you deliver the translation?

In Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF. There is a separate charge for Desk Top Publishing and InDesign preparation.

I have a patent in Japanese. I want to know the essential points but it seems too long to translate the whole thing. Can you help?

We can send you (free) the English abstract published by the Japanese Patent Office. The quality of this is uncertain but it is free.

We can translate the Claims and, if wanted, all or some of the Examples. These should give you a fairly clear idea of the nature of the patent, without a complete translation.

I only have a few Japanese characters to translate. Will you do it free?

We’ll be happy to (but only once!).