About us

Translation of Japanese texts into English for delivery as Word files, PDFs and/or hard copy.


Don Sanderson (BA Hons)

Don studied Japanese at the University of London (SOAS) and at the Japanese universities of Hokkaido and Kyoto (where he was a Research Fellow)

He has been translating professionally since 1985 and his book translations have been published by Macmillan, Kodansha International and the University of Tokyo Press, amongst others.  He is a member of the Society of Authors and also of the Institute of Linguists.

Recently he tried to estimate how many millions of Japanese characters he had translated but felt faint and had to have a lie down.

He translates most subjects but over the years has come to specialise in:

  • Patents
  • Journal articles
  • Clinical trials
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Evidence for trials and arbitrations
  • Business correspondence


Most of which concern

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medicine
  • Chemical products and processes
  • Cosmetics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Welding
  • Shipping (especially when it goes wrong)


He passes his translations to his partner and proofreader

Irene Sanderson (BA Hons)

Irene studied at the University of Education, Hokkaido and at Kyoto University of Fine Art and reads Japanese fluently (and incidentally, she is a competent calligrapher as well).

She has read and proofread the translations for Don over the last twenty years or so.